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CoronaCards is an exciting way to mix interactive content into your existing native app using the thousands of APIs built into Corona SDK — everything from multi-touch to physics to shader-based filters. With CoronaCards, you can now bring this power to your existing apps to add visualizations, interactivity, image editing, and 2D/2.5D graphical elements. In specific, you can wrap a Corona project into a native wrapper so that it can be added to the view hierarchy, much like adding a text field or web view.

In this documentation, these wrappers will be referred to as "Corona-based views" or "Corona views" because you can display multiple views at once.

Getting Started

SDK/Enterprise Compatibility

CoronaCards is designed to be added to existing native apps. It is meant to be embedded in an existing app structure, so it does not control or own the main application stack (in contrast, Corona SDK and Corona Enterprise require control of the main application stack).

Because of this architecture, the following libraries/services are not available in CoronaCards:

The following is currently not available and will be a subset of functionality due to the architectural limitations described above:

Finally, the following libraries are currently not available: