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Revision Current Public Release (2014.2393)
Keywords Analytics
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Availability Basic, Pro, Enterprise


This plugin enables developers to use GameAnalytics in their Corona SDK based apps.

GameAnalytics is a cloud-hosted solution for tracking, analysis and reporting of game metrics. You can use the free services provided by GameAnalytics to store your game-related data directly in the cloud and process, visualize, and analyze it on the fly.

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local gameanalytics = require "plugin.gameanalytics"



The following options are available in the GameAnalytics plugin for Corona.

Project Settings

When you build using the Corona Simulator, the server automatically takes care of integrating the plugin into your project.

All you need to do is add an entry into a plugins table of your build.settings. The following is an example of a minimal build.settings file:

settings =
    plugins =
        -- key is the name passed to Lua's 'require()'
        ["plugin.gameanalytics"] =
            -- required
            publisherId = "com.gameanalytics",

Sample Code

You can access sample code here.


More support is available from the GameAnalytics team: