Composer GUI

The Composer GUI is a visual editor for Corona SDK which allows you to rapidly create layouts for apps and games for multiple platforms. You can easily create the user interface, scenes, and levels in conjunction with the Composer scene management library. This drag-and-drop tool can dramatically speed up your development workflow.


Feature Highlights

Quick Start

With the Corona SDK Welcome Window open, click NEW PROJECT and choose the "Composer Scene" template. This will create a new project with the basic structure of a multi-scene app. If you click on the "Show in Finder..." button after you create the project, you will see that there are three .ccsene files and three associated .lua files. The Composer GUI should open and ask you which .ccscene file you want to open. If it doesn't, do the following:

  1. Open the new project in the Corona SDK like any other project (you should see a basic multi-scene app in the Simulator).

  2. From the OS X menubar, choose WindowCorona Composer or Command-2 to open the Composer GUI.

  3. Composer GUI will ask you which .ccscene file you would like to open.

  4. The chosen scene should be loaded in the open Composer GUI.

Stay tuned for a detailed Composer walkthrough video that will show the various ways to get up and running with the Composer. For now, please follow the Composer GUI Tutorial.


When you're ready, proceed to the Composer GUI Tutorial tutorial which illustrates how to create a simple Angry Birds™ clone in less than 15 minutes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action Alt
Cmd+S Save scene Save icon
Cmd+Shift+S Save scene as...
Spacebar Toggles the hand tool to move canvas Hand tool
Cmd+C Copy object selected
Cmd+V Paste object
Opt+Drag Clone an object
Shift+Click Select multiple objects Click + Drag
Cmd+Z Undo Undo icon
Cmd+Shift+Z Redo Redo icon
Cmd+(=) Canvas zoom-in Opt + Wheel (forward)
Cmd+(-) Canvas zoom-out Opt + Wheel (backward)
Cmd+1 Canvas zoom to 100%
Cmd+0 Canvas zoom