Type library
Revision Current Public Release (2015.2646)
Keywords plugin, sponsorpay, offerwall, brandengage, monetization
Sample code SponsorPay sample v.1.3.0
See also SponsorPay dev portal
Availability Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise


The SponsorPay Corona plugin lets you access features provided by the native SponsorPay SDK from your Corona application.

The following features are available:


The following platforms are supported:

SDK flow

The recommended flow for the SDK is depicted below.

Recommended SDK flow

Recommended SDK flow

Both publishers and advertisers need to start the SDK.


At this point, you can either launch the Offer Wall or request mBE offers.

When a video (mBE) offer is available, it is presented to they user only after you choose to. You must call sponsorpay.startMBEEngagement() to show the video engagement to the user, as opposed to sponsorpay.launchOfferWall() that will start the Offer Wall right away.

Note that you may call every other SponsorPay method before showing the video (requesting mBE offers and starting the Offer Wall before showing the video enagement is toally valid).


If you don't support any custom action in your application (e.g. "Reach level 2", "collect 300 coins", …), you're good to go.

Otherwise, you'll need to call sponsorpay.reportActionCompletion() with the corerct actionId previously defined in the Advertiser Control Panel

Sign Up

To use SponsorPay services, please sign up for an account


local sponsorpay = require "plugin.sponsorpay"


Project Settings


When you build using the Corona Simulator, the server automatically takes care of integrating the plugin into your project.

All you need to do is add an entry into a plugins table of your build.settings. The following is an example of a minimal build.settings file:

settings =
    plugins =
        -- key is the name passed to Lua's 'require()'
        ["plugin.sponsorpay"] =
            -- required
            publisherId = "com.sponsorpay",


Start here.

Sample Code

You can access sample code here.


More support is available from the SponsorPay team: