Type Library
Revision Current Public Release (2014.2189)
Keywords gameNetwork, game center, social gaming


Corona's gameNetwork library provides access to social gaming features such as public leaderboards and achievements.

Game Center

Game Center (iOS only) lets friends in on the action with leaderboards and achievements. For more information on Game Center integration, read the tutorial. Also note that the nomenclature used in the Corona APIs for Game Center attempt to match the official Game Center APIs as much as possible. This will allow you to cross-reference with official Game Center documentation. It is not supported by the Corona Simulator.

Google Play Game Services

Google Play Game Services makes your games more social with capabilities for achievements, leaderboards, and other popular features using the Google Play game services SDK. Let players sign in using their Google+ identities and share their gaming experience with friends. For more information, please refer to the plugin documentation here.


Using the gameNetwork library will enable Corona Analytics and override any setting in config.lua.


Sample Code

You can access the Game Center turn-based multiplayer sample code here.