Type Function
Library physics.*
Return value Array of tables describing each hit
Revision 2019.3480
Keywords queryRegion, physics, collision
See also physics.reflectRay()


This function is used to find the objects that intersect with an axis-aligned (non-rotated) box. This box is defined by an upper-left coordinate and a lower-right coordinate.

The positions returned are in content space.


physics.queryRegion( upperLeftX, upperLeftY, lowerRightX, lowerRightY )
upperLeftX (required)

Number. The upper-left x coordinate for the box region.

upperLeftY (required)

Number. The upper-left y coordinate for the box region.

lowerRightX (required)

Number. The lower-right x coordinate for the box region.

lowerRightY (required)

Number. The lower-right y coordinate for the box region.

Result Properties

hits will be an array of each DisplayObject colliding with the box region.


local hits = physics.queryRegion( 10, 40, 100, 160 )

if ( hits ) then

    -- There's at least one hit
    print( "Hit count: " .. tostring( #hits ) )

    -- Output the results
    for i,v in ipairs( hits ) do
        print( "Object position: ", v.x, v.y )
    -- No hits in region