Type Function
Library widget.*
Return value ProgressViewWidget
Revision Current Public Release (2014.2189)
Keywords widget, progress, progressView, progressIndicator
See also ProgressViewWidget


Creates a ProgressView object.


To conserve texture memory, a ProgressView can only be created from an image sheet.

ProgressViews do not support scaling.


widget.newProgressView( options )

This function takes a single argument, options, which is a table that accepts the following parameters:

id (optional)

String. An optional identification to assign to the progress view. Default is widget_progressView.

x, y (optional)

Numbers. Coordinates for the widget's x and y center point. These values will be overridden by left and top if those values are defined.

left, top (optional)

Numbers. The left and top position where the widget will be created. If specified, these values override the x and y parameters.

width (required)

Number. The overall width of the progress view.

isAnimated (optional)

Boolean. Set this to true if the progress change should be animated, false (or omitted) if the progress change should occur instantly.

fillXOffset (optional)

Number. Set this to horizontally offset the fill region of the progress view. Default is 0.

fillYOffset (optional)

Number. Set this to vertically offset the fill region of the progress view. Default is 0.



local widget = require( "widget" )

-- Create the widget
local progressView = widget.newProgressView
    left = 50,
    top = 200,
    width = 220,
    isAnimated = true

-- Set the progress to 50%
progressView:setProgress( 0.5 )