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Revision Current Public Release (2014.2393)
Keywords gameNetwork, game center, game services
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Availability Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise


Corona's game network API allows access to social gaming features such as public leaderboards and achievements.

NOTE: Using the gameNetwork API will enable Corona Launchpad regardless of the setting in config.lua.


The following platforms are supported:

Google Play game services

This is currently a feature that is only supported on Android. It is not supported by the Corona Simulator.



The following build.settings section is required to for Google Play game services

settings =
    android =
        googlePlayGamesAppId = "123456789012", -- Your Google Play Games App Id
    plugins =
        -- key is the name passed to Lua's 'require()'
        [""] =
            -- required
            publisherId = "com.coronalabs",
            supportedPlatforms = { android = true }

Sample Code

You can access sample code for leaderboards and achievements here. You can access sample code for real time multiplayer here.