Type Number
Event key
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords key, nativeKeyCode


Provides the key's unique integer ID assigned to it by the operating system.

This key code is not cross-platform, meaning that its numeric value for the same key will vary on different operating systems. For example, the "A" key will have key code 29 on Android and key code 65 on Windows.

On Android, the key code's value will match a KEYCODE constant defined in Android's KeyEvent Java class.

On Windows, the key code's value will match a "virtual key code" constant in Microsoft's WinUser.h C/C++ file, such as VK_RETURN. In .NET, it would match a constant in the System.Windows.Forms.Keys enum, which provides the same key code constants defined in C/C++.


-- Called when a key event has been received
local function onKeyEvent( event )
    local message = "Key '" .. event.keyName .. "' has key code: " .. tostring( event.nativeKeyCode )
    print( message )
    return false

-- Add the key event listener
Runtime:addEventListener( "key", onKeyEvent )