Solar2D Native

Solar2D Native lets you extend Solar2D beyond the functionality provided by the Solar2D Lua APIs (reference). For instance, you can use native languages like Objective-C or Java and pass information between the native code and Lua code. You can also create plugins that make it even easier to get native platform features into apps built with Solar2D.

If you don't need to include custom native code in your app, Solar2D Simulator is the best tool to use. Get started here.

System Requirements

Desktop Operating System

  • macOS 10.11 or later for iOS and Android target platforms
  • Windows 7 or later for Android target platform

Development Tools

  • iOS — Xcode (minimum version allowed by Apple to submit apps to the App Store)
  • Android — Android SDK 24.4.1 or higher, supporting Android platform 6.0 (API Level 23) or above

Getting Started


To get started with Solar2D Native for iOS, please proceed to Solar2D Native — iOS.


To get started with Solar2D Native for Android, please proceed to Solar2D Native — Android.

Plugin Development

Plugins let you extend Solar2D functionality, leveraging pre-built components. You can create plugins that can be re-used across projects and also, you can submit a plugin for availability in the Free Plugins Directory as well as third-party marketplaces such as Solar2D Marketplace and Solar2D Plugins.

Learn more in our Plugins guide or in our Plugin Submission Guide.

Self-Hosted Plugins

Solar2D Native users can enable plugins hosted on third-party servers. Learn more in our Self-Hosted Plugins guide.