Type Boolean
Event mapAddress
Revision Current Public Release (2018.3326)
Keywords mapAddress, isError


Indicates whether the reverse-geocoding server returned an error rather than a location.

Normally this will be false, but in the error case it will be true (and the other event attributes will be empty). event.errorMessage will contain a string describing the error.


-- Create a native MapView (requires Xcode iOS Simulator build or device build)
-- You can create multiple maps, if you like...
local myMap = native.newMapView( 20, 20, 300, 220 )
myMap.mapType = "standard" -- other mapType options are "satellite" or "hybrid"
-- The MapView is just another Corona display object, and can be moved or rotated, etc.
myMap.x = display.contentWidth / 2
myMap.y = 120
-- Initialize map to a real location, since default location (0,0) is not very interesting
myMap:setCenter( 37.331692, -122.030456 )
local function mapAddressHandler( event )
    -- handle mapAddress event here
    if event.isError then
        print( "mapView Error: " .. event.errorMessage )
        print( "The specified location is in: " .. event.city .. ", " .. event.country )
myMap:nearestAddress( 38.898748, -77.037684, mapAddressHandler )