Type Event
Revision Release 2023.3686
Keywords memoryWarning
See also system.getInfo()


This event is currently only available on iOS and Android. It is exposed as a Corona event type named "memoryWarning", sent to the global Runtime object. This event has no fields.

When this event fires, the OS reserves the right to forcibly shut down the application in about five seconds, although it may not actually do so. Apple advises developers to listen for this warning and to handle it by freeing as much memory as possible when received.

Note that you can monitor texture memory usage by calling system.getInfo( "textureMemoryUsed" ). Texture memory for graphics/images tends to be the most limited resource in mobile development because it typically runs out before normal memory.


Runtime:addEventListener( "memoryWarning", listener )
listener (required)

Listener. An event listener to be notified when a low memory situation occurs.



local function handleLowMemory( event )
    print( "Memory warning received!" )
Runtime:addEventListener( "memoryWarning", handleLowMemory )