Type Table
Event show
Revision Release 2023.3686
Keywords composer, scene, show, event


If the params option was specified when calling composer.gotoScene(), composer.showOverlay(), or composer.loadScene(), the same value will be passed to event.params so it can be accessed by create and show event listeners for the scene that is being loaded.

If the params option was omitted when calling these functions, the value of event.params will be nil.


-- From "scene1.lua"
local customParams = {
    var1 = "Hello ",
    var2 = "World!"
composer.gotoScene( "scene2", { effect="fade", time=800, params=customParams } )

-- In "scene2.lua"
local composer = require( "composer" )
local scene = composer.newScene()

function scene:show( event )
    print( event.params.var1 .. event.params.var2 )
scene:addEventListener( "show" )