Type DisplayObject
Library composer.*
Return value DisplayObject
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords composer, scene, stage, group


Returns a reference to the top-level Composer display group which all scene views are inserted into. This can be considered as the "Composer scene layer" and it's useful if you need to place display objects above or below all Composer scenes, even during transition effects. For example:




local composer = require( "composer" )

-- Create a background which should appear behind all scenes
local background = display.newImage( "bg.png" )
-- Create a "health meter" image which should appear above all scenes
local meter = display.newImage( "health100.png" )
meter.anchorX = 0
meter.anchorY = 1
meter.x, meter.y = 20, display.contentHeight-20

-- Sort everything in the correct z-index order
local stage = display.getCurrentStage()
stage:insert( background )
stage:insert( composer.stage )
stage:insert( meter )

-- Open the initial scene
composer.gotoScene( "scene1", "fade", 800 )