Type Function
Library display.*
Return value ShapeObject
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords rectangle, vector object
See also Shapes — Paths, Fills, Strokes (guide)
Display Objects (guide)


Creates a rectangle object. The local origin is at the center of the rectangle and the anchor point is initialized to this local origin.


display.newRect( [parent,] x, y, width, height )
parent (optional)

GroupObject. An optional display group in which to insert the rectangle.

x / y (required)

Number. The x and y coordinates for the center of the rectangle.

width / height (required)

Number. Width and height of the rectangle.


(Inherits properties from ShapeObject)

Shape objects have a path property that exposes properties of the path. The first corner is at the top-left and they go around in counter-clockwise order.

object.path.x1 / object.path.y1

Number. The top-left corner. By default, (0,0).

object.path.x2 / object.path.y2

Number. The bottom-left corner. By default, (0,0).

object.path.x3 / object.path.y3

Number. The bottom-right corner. By default, (0,0).

object.path.x4 / object.path.y4

Number. The top-right corner. By default, (0,0).

Quadrilateral Distortion

Quadrilateral Distortion


local myRectangle = display.newRect( 0, 0, 150, 50 )
myRectangle.strokeWidth = 3
myRectangle:setFillColor( 0.5 )
myRectangle:setStrokeColor( 1, 0, 0 )