Type Function
Library licensing.*
Return value none
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords licensing, verify
See also licensing.init()


Starts the licensing verification process.


If the target store is different than the provider, the function will return false and the listener won't be called. You should always assume that the user is validated unless otherwise stated.


licensing.verify( listener )
listener (required)

Listener. Listener function for handling the status of the licensing verification. The properties sent to this listener correspond with licensing events.


local licensing = require( "licensing" )

-- Initialize licensing
licensing.init( "google" )

local licensingListener = {}
function licensingListener:licensing( event )

    print( event.provider )    -- Provider for this licensing instance ("google")
    print( event.isVerified )  -- Boolean of true if license has been verified, otherwise false
    print( event.isError )     -- Boolean of true if there was an error during verification
    print( event.errorType )   -- Type of error: "configuration" or "network" (nil if no error)
    print( event.response )    -- Translated response from the licensing server
    print( event.expiration )  -- Expiration time of the cached license

    if ( event.isVerified ) then
        -- License successfully verified
        print( "Verified!" )
        -- Failed to verify app from the Google Play store
        print( "Failed!" )

-- Attempt to verify the license
licensing.verify( licensingListener )