Type Function
Library native.*
Return value Boolean
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords native, canShowPopup, show popup
See also native.showPopup()


Returns whether or not the popup type can be shown. This usually defines whether the popup will actually be displayed. However, in the case of "appStore", a result of true does not guarantee that the popup will be displayed because, in those cases, the particular popup will depend on additional parameters.


native.canShowPopup( name )
name (required)

String. The string name of the popup to be shown. This can be one of the following:

  • "mail"
  • "sms"
  • "appStore"
  • "requestAppPermission"

Note that there are also additional popup types available via plugins (see native.showPopup()).


if ( native.canShowPopup( "sms" ) ) then
    local options = {
        to = { "1234567890", "9876543210" },
        body = "I scored over 9000!!! Can you do better?"
    local result = native.showPopup( "sms", options )

    print( "SMS Not supported/setup on this device" )
    native.showAlert( "Alert!", "SMS not supported/setup on this device.", { "OK" } )