Type Function
Library transition.*
Return value Object
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords easing, animation, transition, tween, interpolation


Performs a dissolve transition between two display objects.


transition.dissolve( object1, object2, time, delay )
object1 (required)

DisplayObject. The initial display object.

object2 (required)

DisplayObject. The final display object.

time (optional)

Number. Specifies the duration of the transition in milliseconds. By default, the duration is 500 milliseconds.

delay (optional)

Number. Specifies the delay, in milliseconds, before the transition begins. Default is 0.


-- Create the initial display object
local s1 = display.newImage( "sun.png" )
s1.x, s1.y = 200,300

-- Create the final display object and set its alpha to 0
local s2 = display.newImage( "moon.png" )
s2.x, s2.y = 200,300
s2.alpha = 0

-- Dissolve the two images
transition.dissolve( s1, s2, 2000, 500 )