Type Function
Object EventDispatcher
Return value Boolean
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords removeEventListener, event listener
See also object:addEventListener()


Removes the specified listener from the object's list of listeners so that it no longer is notified of events corresponding to the specified event.

Returns a boolean value indicating if the given listener was successfully removed. Will return false if given invalid arguments or if the given listener does not exist in the internal listener list.


Note that nil is a valid value for listener under certain circumstances, so it's not an error to call object:removeEventListener() with a nil listener. Bugs may persist if you accidentally use the wrong name for the listener you're trying to remove.


object:removeEventListener( eventName, listener )
eventName (required)

String. Specifies the name of the event whose corresponding listener should be removed from the list.

listener (required)

Listener. Reference to the listener to remove from the list.


-- Define motion and limits
local DX, DY = 3, 3
local XMIN, XMAX = 1, display.contentWidth-1
local YMIN, YMAX = 20, display.contentHeight-1

-- Create a shape 
local button = display.newRoundedRect( XMIN, YMIN, 150, 50, 5 )
button:setFillColor( 0.4, 0, 1 )
button.strokeWidth = 6
button:setStrokeColor( 0.8 )

-- Move the shape until it hits the limits
local function onFrame (event)
    if button.x + button.width/2 > XMAX or button.x < XMIN 
    or button.y + button.height/2 > YMAX or button.y < YMIN then
        -- Stop
        Runtime:removeEventListener( "enterFrame", onFrame )
        -- Move
        button.x = button.x + DX
        button.y = button.y + DX
-- Update the position every frame
Runtime:addEventListener( "enterFrame", onFrame )