Type Number
Object SpriteObject
Library display.*
Revision Release 2023.3686
Keywords sprite, timeScale
See also display.newSprite()


Gets or sets the scale to be applied to the animation time. This is used to control a sprite's animation speed dynamically.

A time scale of 1.0 (default) runs the animation at normal speed. A time scale of 2.0 runs the animation twice as fast, while a time scale of 0.5 runs the animation at half speed.


The maximum value allowed is 20.0; the minimum value allowed is 0.05. Supports up to 2 decimal places.

Setting the time scale may cause frame skipping. If you perform this in a sprite event handler where the time scale is updated rapidly, you should store the current frame, set the timescale, then set the frame back to the stored frame.


spriteObj.timeScale = 2.0