CoronaCards — Windows Phone 8

Upgrading CoronaCards

If you have an existing CoronaCards Windows Phone 8 app that you want to upgrade to the latest version of CoronaCards, please follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Close all Visual Studio windows.
  2. Double click on the newer CoronaLabs.Corona.Cards.WindowsPhone.vsix Visual Studio Extension file.
  3. Proceed through the installation process.
  4. Open your CoronaCards Windows Phone 8 project in Visual Studio.
  5. View the Solution Explorer panel.
  6. Expand the project's References node in the project tree.
  7. Right click on the Corona Framework reference and select Remove from the menu.
  8. Right click on the References node and select Add Reference from the menu.
  9. Select Windows PhoneExtensions from the left sidebar.
  10. Select the newest Corona Framework from the list, check its checkbox, and click the OK button.