Type C header
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords iOS, Solar2D Native, C, CoronaLua.h
See also Corona C Functions


CoronaLua.h contains C and C++ convenience functions for interacting with the Lua state. In particular, they vastly simplify dealing with Corona-specific patterns such as creating events, storing C-side references to Lua listeners, dispatching events, calling Lua functions, etc. These functions are all prefixed with CoronaLua.

  • In addition to these, there are functions to bridge iOS and Lua in CoronaLuaIOS.h.

  • The C++ functions are just thin wrappers around the C functions. The header is designed to work correctly with both C and C++ compilers.

  • All C++ methods mirror the C functions but instead of the prefix, they are in the Corona::Lua namespace.