Type String
Event adsRequest
Revision Release 2021.3646
Keywords ads, advertising, AdColony, adsRequest, data
See also adsRequest


JSON-encoded string. Provides additional context for certain event phases with the following properties:

All Events

Rewarded Video Event

  • reward (Number) — Applies only to rewarded video events with a phase of "reward". Indicates the reward amount to be given to the user.

  • currencyName (String) — The virtual currency name of the reward.

Zone Information Event

The following are returned for the event triggered by adcolony.getInfoForZone():

  • isRewardedZone (Boolean) — true if the zone is a rewarded video zone.

  • virtualCurrencyName (String) — The virtual currency name of a reward.

  • rewardAmount (Number) — The virtual currency amount when a reward is given.

  • viewsPerReward (Number) — Number of views required to receive a reward.

  • viewsUntilReward (Number) — Number of views remaining until a reward is given.