Type Function
Return value none
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords Amazon, IAP, in-app purchases, restore
See also store.purchase()


Users who wipe the information on a device or buy a new device may wish to restore previously purchased items. This function initiates the process of retrieving all valid purchases.

During this process, the storeTransaction listener defined in store.init() may be called multiple times, once for each item.


Unlike Apple IAP, Amazon IAP does not include a "restored" state for transactions. This function should still be called to retrieve all of the user's purchases, but all valid transactions will be of the "purchased" state. When you do a restore, you should treat the returned restored purchases as normal purchases, but avoid making duplicate records in your file or database — essentially, before adding a purchase, check if it already exists in your file/database or overwrite it by its key.