Type function
Library gamecircle.*
Return value None
Revision Release 2023.3686
Keywords leaderboard, score, submit, post


Submits a score to the leaderboard based on the Gamecirlce ID provided. The score is registred on the leaderboard under the name of the of the Amazon user currently signed in to the GameCircle service.


gamecircle.Leaderboard.SubmitScore( id, score )
id (required)

String. The GameCircle ID of the achievement as set by the developer.

score (required)

Number. The number value of the score. The range of expected values can be set through Amazon's developer portal.


local leaderboardId = "myFirstLeaderboard"  
local gamecircle = require("plugin.gamecircle")  
gamecircle.Init(false, true, false)  
gamecircle.Leaderboard.SubmitScore(leaderboardId, 8675307)