Type function
Library gamecircle.*
Return value None
Revision Release 2023.3686
Keywords Accumulating, Number, Whispersync, Increment


Increments the accumulating number assigned to the "key" value by the amount specified.


gamecircle.Whispersync.IncrementAccumulatingNumber(key, value, NT_constant)
key (required)

String. The key used to access a specific accumulated number.

value (required)

Number. The amount to increment the accumulating number by.

NT_constant (required)

String. The NT_constant, which is either "INT" or "DOUBLE", determins how "value" is applied to accumulating number. If "INT", only the number's decimal point value will be ignored. If "DOUBLE", the decimal point value will be included. If the string given is invalid, "INT" will be used by default.


local gamecircle = require("plugin.gamecircle")   
gamecircle.Init(false, false, true)    
gamecircle.Whispersync.IncrementAccumulatingNumber("myFirstAccumNum", 25.255, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.DecrementAccumulatingNumber("myFirstAccumNum", 15.743, "INT")  
print("The value of the AccumNum should be 10. It is: " .. gamecircle.Whispersync.GetAccumulatedNumber("myFirstAccumNum", "INT"))  
--The value will be 10 because we used the NT_constant (NumberType) of "INT", meaning the decimal places were ignored for all the numbers. 
gamecircle.Whispersync.IncrementAccumulatingNumber("mySecondAccumNum", 25.255, "DOUBLE")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.DecrementAccumulatingNumber("mySecondAccumNum", 15.743, "DOUBLE")  
print("The integer value of the second AccumNum should be 9. It is: " .. gamecircle.Whispersync.GetAccumulatedNumber("mySecondAccumNum", "INT"))  
--The value stored with WhisperSync is actually 9.512, but because we used the "INT" NT_constant with the Get functions, we only got the 9 value.   
print("The double value of the second AccumNum should be 9.512. It is: " .. gamecircle.Whispersync.GetAccumulatedNumber("mySecondAccumNum", "DOUBLE"))  
--Using the NT_constant "DOUBLE", we are able to get the full decimal number stored with Whispersync.   
print("These are all the Accumulated Numbers I've generated under the current GameData set of Whispersync.")  
local keys = gamecircle.Whispersync.GetAccumulatingNumberKeys()  
for i,key in ipairs(keys) do  
    print("-" .. key)