Type function
Library gamecircle.*
Return value None
Revision Release 2023.3686
Keywords Low, List, SyncableNumberList, Length, Whispersync


Set the max length of the LowNumber list. This number is capped at 1,000 by the Amazon GameCircle SDK. The default length is 5.


gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLowNumberListLength(key, value)
gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLowNumberListLength(key, value)
key (required)

String. The key used to access a specific lowest number.

value (require)

Number. The value to be assigned to the lowest number.


local lowListKey = "myFirstLowNumberList" 
local gamecircle = require("plugin.gamecircle")  
gamecircle.Init(false, false, true)  
gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLowNumberListLength(lowListKey, 4)  
gamecircle.Whispersync.AddToLowNumberList(lowListKey, 10, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.AddToLowNumberList(lowListKey, 1000, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.AddToLowNumberList(lowListKey, 1, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.AddToLowNumberList(lowListKey, 10000, "INT")   
gamecircle.Whispersync.AddToLowNumberList(lowListKey, 100, "INT")  
print("Here is the list of numbers as they are stored in the low number list. They should be in the order from lowest to highest.")  
local lowList = gamecircle.Whispersync.GetLowNumberList(lowListKey)  
for i,entry in ipairs(lowList) do  
    print("-" entry.value)  
local keys = gamecircle.Whispersync.GetLowNumberListKeys()  
for i,key in ipairs(keys) do  
    print("-" .. key)