Type function
Return value none
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords setAllowedTypes, pasteboard
See also Pasteboard


Sets the file types that your app will accept when pasting. For example, if you only wish the app to paste strings, include just "string" in the allowedTypes table.


pasteboard.setAllowedTypes( allowedTypes ) 
pasteboard.setAllowedTypes( nil )
allowedTypes (optional)

Table. Table containing a comma-delimited list of data types the app will accept for a paste action. Valid options include "image", "string", and "url". You can also pass nil to disable all paste operations.


local pasteboard = require( "plugin.pasteboard" )

-- Set the data types this application allows for a paste action
pasteboard.setAllowedTypes( { "string", "url", "image" } )