Type Function
Return value Boolean
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords steam, steamworks, requestUserProgress
See also steamworks.getAchievementInfo()


Asynchronously fetches game progression data such as achievements and stats for one user from Steam's server. If successful as indicated by the userProgressUpdate event's isError property being set to false, the steamworks.getAchievementInfo() and steamworks.getUserStatValue() functions will provide updated progression data for that user.

Returns true if the request was successfully sent to Steam. Note that this does not necessarily mean that the requested operation will succeed. For example, this function will return true if there is no Internet connection. So, a listener must check the userProgressUpdate event's isError property as mentioned above.

Returns false if given invalid arguments or if the steamworks.isLoggedOn property is also false.


The Steam plugin will automatically fetch the currently logged in user's progression data on app startup. So, you will not normally call this function for the logged in user during gameplay to re-fetch their progression data. Instead, you will normally call this function for other users.


If Internet is not available, then it may take over 1 minute for Steam to time-out and dispatch a userProgressUpdate event.


steamworks.requestUserProgress( [userSteamId] )
userSteamId (optional)

String. The unique string ID of the user. The ID will default to the current user if this argument is not provided.


local steamworks = require( "plugin.steamworks" )

-- Set the user ID of the friend to fetch progression data from
local friendSteamId = "FRIEND_ID"

-- Called when user achievement/stat data has been received
local function onUserProgressUpdated( event )
    if ( event.isError ) then
        -- Failed to receive updated progression data
        -- User progression was successfully loaded
        -- You might want to reload achievement and stat data for user here
        if ( event.userSteamId == steamworks.userSteamId ) then
            -- The currently logged in user's progression data has been updated
        elseif ( event.userSteamId == friendSteamId ) then
            -- The friend's progression data has been updated

-- Set up a listener to be invoked when achievement and stat data has been updated
steamworks.addEventListener( "userProgressUpdate", onUserProgressUpdated )

-- Fetch the achievement and stat data from another user
steamworks.requestUserProgress( friendSteamId )