Type Function
Return value Boolean
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords steam, steamworks, setUserStatValues
See also steamworks.getUserStatValue()


Sets one or more numeric stat values for the current user. Note that stats are defined on the Steamworks website under the Stats & Achievements section. Stats are used to store developer defined user gameplay statistics such as games played, games won, games lost, etc.

Returns true if at least one stat value was updated for the current user.

Returns false if given invalid arguments, if none of the given stats were updated, or if the steamworks.isLoggedOn property is false.


steamworks.setUserStatValues( arrayOfStatTables )
arrayOfStatTables (required)

Array. An array containing tables of stat details — see the next section for details.

Stat Reference

The arrayOfStatTables array can contain tables where each table accepts the following parameters:

statName (required)

String. On the Steamworks website, this is the unique name of the stat set under the API Name column.

type (required)

String. Indicates the type of value the stat is. Must be set to "int", "float", or "averageRate". On the Steamworks website, this must match the value type set under the Type column or else Steam will fail to assign the given value to that stat.

value (required)

Number. The numeric value to be assigned to the stat.

sessionTimeLength (optional)

Number. This parameter is only required if the stat's type parameter is set to "averageRate". This is set to the amount of time for which the value parameter was measured, in units specified on the Steamworks website. For example, if the stat measures "Average Speed," then value would be set to the distance traveled during the game and the sessionTimeLength parameter would be set to how much time occurred during that game session. Steam would then automatically calculate the average speed for that session and all previous sessions.


local steamworks = require( "plugin.steamworks" )

-- Fetch the user's previous stats
local totalGamesPlayed = steamworks.getUserStatValue( { statName="Games Played", type="int" } )
local totalFeetTraveled = steamworks.getUserStatValue( { statName="Feet Traveled", type="float" } )

-- Increment total number of games played
if ( totalGamesPlayed == nil ) then
    totalGamesPlayed = 0
totalGamesPlayed = totalGamesPlayed + 1

-- Add number of feet traveled from this game session to the total
-- For this example, we set it to a random number
math.randomseed( os.time() )
local feetTraveled = ( math.random( 1, 100 ) / 10 )
if ( totalFeetTraveled == nil ) then
    totalFeetTraveled = 0
totalFeetTraveled = totalFeetTraveled + feetTraveled

-- Update the user's stats on Steam
local wasSuccessful = steamworks.setUserStatValues(
        statName = "Games Played",
        type = "int",
        value = totalGamesPlayed
        statName = "Feet Traveled",
        type = "float",
        value = totalFeetTraveled
        statName = "Average Speed",
        type = "averageRate",
        value = feetTraveled,    -- Feet for this session; do not use "totalFeetTraveled"
        sessionTimeLength = 0.5  -- In hours (this is 30 minutes)