Type Function
Library native.*
Return value TextBox
Revision Current Public Release (2015.2646)
Keywords text box, text input, native text
See also native.newTextField()
userInput events


Creates a scrollable, multi-line text box for displaying text-based content. Text boxes can also be used for text input (and multi-line text input) by setting the isEditable property to true.

Native text boxes can listen for userInput events (see example).

Use "\n" to start text on a new line. Text will automatically wrap to the next line if it's too long.



native.newTextBox( centerX, centerY, width, height )
centerX, centerY (required)

Numbers. The x and y coordinates that correspond to the center of the text box.

width, height (required)

Numbers. Width and height (size) of the text box.

Functions and Properties

See the TextBox documentation for a list of functions and properties.


local function inputListener( event )
    if event.phase == "began" then
        -- user begins editing textBox
        print( event.text )

    elseif event.phase == "ended" then
        -- do something with textBox text
        print( )

    elseif event.phase == "editing" then
        print( event.newCharacters )
        print( event.oldText )
        print( event.startPosition )
        print( event.text )

local textBox = native.newTextBox( 200, 200, 280, 140 )
textBox.text = "This is line 1.\nAnd this is line2"
textBox.isEditable = true
textBox:addEventListener( "userInput", inputListener )