Parent GroupObject
Library widget.*
Return Value Group
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords widget, scroll view, ScrollViewWidget
See also widget.newScrollView()


ScrollViewWidget objects are created using widget.newScrollView().


The ScrollViewWidget object contains a mask which constrains its view to the defined width and height. There is a nested masking limit of 3, so care must be taken when inserting masked objects into other masked objects which act as containers, including display.newContainer, widget.newScrollView, widget.newTableView, or a masked display group. Other display objects that utilize masks include display.newText, display.newEmbossedText, and any other masked display object. For example, a text object (one mask) inside a container (one mask) inside yet another container (one mask) would reach but not exceed the limit of 3 nested masks.


(Inherits properties from GroupObject)


(Inherits methods from GroupObject)