Type Function
Return value none
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords ads, advertising, AdMob, load
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Pre-loads an AdMob interstitial, banner, rewarded interstitial, or rewarded video ad for instant display upon a future call to


Before calling this function, you must call admob.init() and wait for the "init" event phase.

Rewarded video ads will not load when test mode is enabled. In this case, you will get a "failed" phase when trying to load a rewarded video. Please see admob.init() for instructions on how to enable/disable test mode.


admob.load( adType, params )
adType (required)

String. One of the following ad type values:

  • "interstitial"  (includes both static interstitials and video interstitials)
  • "banner"
  • "rewardedVideo"
  • "rewardedInterstitial"
  • "appOpen"
params (required)

Table. Table containing additional parameters for the specified ad type — see the next section for details.

Parameter Reference

The params table includes parameters for the specified ad type.

adUnitId (required)

String. The ad unit ID for the specified ad type, gathered from the AdMob dashboard.

childSafe (optional)

Boolean. Set this to true to ensure that only COPPA-compliant ads will be loaded. Default is false.

designedForFamilies (optional)

Boolean. Only available on Android (ignored on iOS). When used together with the childSafe option, you can request ads that comply with Google's Designed for Families program. Essentially, upon seeing both designedForFamilies and childSafe set to true, AdMob will return program-compliant ads for the ad request. Note, however, that using these options together may restrict the fill rate of ads being served, especially in non-U.S. territories.

keywords (optional)

Array. An array of strings to be given to the AdMob request to use as keywords. Specifying keywords may increase your CTR.

hasUserConsent (optional)

Boolean. If set to false, Admob will enable GDPR data collection restrictions, set to true for opposite.

maxAdContentRating (optional)

Boolean. maximum raiting for Ad contents. Should be one of "G", "PG", "T" or "MA". For details see official documentation.


local admob = require( "plugin.admob" )

-- AdMob listener function
local function adListener( event )

    if ( event.phase == "init" ) then  -- Successful initialization
        -- Load an AdMob interstitial ad
        admob.load( "interstitial", { adUnitId="YOUR_ADMOB_AD_UNIT_ID" } )

-- Initialize the AdMob plugin
admob.init( adListener, { appId="YOUR_ADMOB_APP_ID" } )