Type function
Library gamecircle.*
Return value SyncableNumber
Revision Release 2023.3686
Keywords Latest, SyncableNumber, Whispersync


Returns the latest number assigned to the key value.


local syncNum = gamecircle.Whispersync.GetLatestNumber(key, NT_constant)
key (required)

String. The key used to access a specific latest number.

NT_constant (required)

String. The NT_constant, which is either "INT" or "DOUBLE", determins how the latest number will be stored. "INT" cutt off the decimal value. "DOUBLE" maintain the decimal value intact. If the string given is invalid, "INT" will be used by default.


local latestNumKey = "myFirstLatestNumber" 
local gamecircle = require("plugin.gamecircle")  
gamecircle.Init(false, false, true)  
gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLatestNumber(latestNumKey, 10, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLatestNumber(latestNumKey, 1000, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLatestNumber(latestNumKey, 1, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLatestNumber(latestNumKey, 10000, "INT")  
gamecircle.Whispersync.SetLatestNumber(latestNumKey, 100, "INT")  
print("The Latest Number is: " .. gamecircle.Whispersync.GetLatestNumber(latestNumKey, "INT").value)  
print("These are all the Latest Number values stored under the current GameData set of Whispersync.")  
local keys = gamecircle.Whispersync.GetLatestNumberKeys()  
for i,key in ipairs(keys) do  
    print("-" .. key)