Type Number
Revision Release 2024.3703
Keywords steam, steamworks, ResultCode
See also userProgressSave


Unique integer identifier defined by Steam used to indicate the result of an operation.

Integer ID Description
1 Success
2 Generic failure
3 No network connection
5 Password/ticket invalid
6 Same user logged in elsewhere
7 Protocol version is incorrect
8 Parameter is incorrect
9 File not found
10 Called method is busy; action not taken
11 Called object was in an invalid state
12 Name is invalid
13 E-mail is invalid
14 Name is not unique
15 Access is denied
16 Operation timed out
17 Banned via Valve Anti-Cheat
18 Account not found
19 Steam ID invalid
20 Requested service is currently unavailable
21 User is not logged on
22 Request is pending
23 Encryption or decryption failed
24 Insufficient privilege
25 Limit exceeded
26 Access has been revoked
27 License or guest pass has expired
28 Guest pass already redeemed by account
29 Request is a duplicate; action has already occurred; ignored
30 All games in guest pass redemption request are already owned by user
31 IP address not found
32 Failed to write to the data store
33 Failed to acquire access lock for this operation
34 Logon session replaced
35 Connection failed
36 Handshake failed
37 I/O failure
38 Remote disconnect
39 Failed to find the shopping cart request
40 Blocked; user didn't allow it
41 Target is ignoring sender
42 Nothing matching the request
43 Account disabled
44 Service is not accepting content changes right now
45 Account value/feature isn't available
46 Action allowed by administrator
47 Version mismatch in content transmitted within Steam protocol
48 Current CM can't service the user making the request
49 Already logged in elsewhere; cached credential login has failed
50 Already logged in elsewhere; must wait
51 Long running operation was suspended
52 Operation canceled by user
53 Operation canceled due to data corruption
54 Operation canceled due to not enough disk space
55 Remote call or IPC call failed
56 Password could not be verified because it was unset server side
57 External account is not to a Steam account
58 PSN (PlayStation Network) ticket was invalid
59 External account is already linked to another account
60 Sync conflict between local and remote files
61 Illegal password
62 New value is the same as old value
63 Login denied due to 2 factor authentication failure
64 Cannot use old password
65 Login authorization code invalid
66 Login denied due to 2 factor authentication failure; no mail sent
67 Hardware not capable of IPT (Identity Protection Technology)
68 IPT (Identity Protection Technology) initialization error
69 Denied due to parental control restrictions
70 Facebook query returned an error
71 Login denied due to expired authorization code
72 IP login restriction failed
73 Account locked down
74 Logon denied; verification e-mail required
75 No matching URL
76 Bad response
77 Password re-entry required
78 Value is out of range
79 Unexpected error
80 Service is disabled
81 Invalid submission to CEG server
82 Device is not allowed to perform this action
83 Region locked
84 Temporary rate limit exceeded
85 2 factor authentication required
86 Attempted to access deleted item
87 Login failed; throttled response to possible attacker
88 2 factor authentication mismatch
89 Activation code mismatch for 2 factor authentication
90 Account associated with multiple partners
91 Data not modified
92 Account does not have a mobile device associated with it
93 Time is out of sync
94 SMS code failure
95 Account limit exceeded
96 Too many changes to this account
97 Too many changes to this phone
98 Cannot refund payment; must use wallet
99 Cannot send e-mail
100 Can't perform operation till payment has settled
101 Valid captcha required
102 Game server login token has been banned
103 Game server owner denied
104 Invalid item type